Système d'inspection à endoscope rigide.






Specifications Techniques

Sample applications

  • Important tool for developement and serial production of electronic components
  • BGA inspection, Flip-Chip inspection, image storage
  • Process evaluation in the production of elctronic components.
  • Preventive and non-destructive inspection
  • Allows Insitu-inspection


  • Compact design
  • Imaging system with various diameters, starting at 0,28 mm
  • Endoscopes with 70° field of vision
  • Endoscope length up to 100 mm
  • Semiflexible light guide
  • Ideal complementation to standard microscopes in process control
  • Illumination by means of standard or customized light guide systems
  • Special camera system for highest image quality
  • PC for storing, processing and evaluating image data
  • Optional IMXpro Software for Windows®
  • Easy adaption to individual requirements thanks to the modular design
  • Worldwide unique flexible endoscope with 320 µm diameter
  • Rigid endoscopes with min. diameter of 1,2 mm
  • Widespread application: Electronics, mechanical engineering etc.




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Possiblité d'utilisation d'endoscopes de 100mm: