Inspection des BGA par Endoscope Rigide
























BGA Inspector






The comfortable, easy-to-mount XY table system makes assembly inspection possible at any place in your company. The hight-tech camera head with its interface for different types of endoscopes delivers maximum quality images. Easy handling is a main feature of this inspection system. The modular lighting allows an exact illumination of the inspected area and is widely adaptable to your requirements.










  • portable, inexpensive
  • easily exchangeable endoscopic attachments
  • endoscope revolving independently of additional light source
  • XY-linear adjustement table
  • magnetic board mount
  • hightech camera system with high resolution
  • modular lighting
  • free axis of movement
  • transition/change to professional system possible
  • integral part of the value creation chain

Optional parts

  • Framegrabber for PCI-bus
  • Framegrabber for USB 2.0
  • IMXpro software




Technical Details


Moving distance XY-table  variable up-to 300 x 300 mm, incl. offset with magnetic plate  
Moving distance Z   80 mm 
Degrees of freedom   5  
Lighting   Cold light source TecXon Xenon-arc lamp 
Power consumption   approx. 10W  
Camera supply voltage   12V DC 
Camera technology   CCD with digital signal processor 
Horizontal resolution   > 470 TV-Lines, PAL or NTSC  
Image resolution   768 x 576 Pixels (PAL)  
Color depth   24 Bit RGB 
Video-signal   Composite 1,0 Vpp, S-VHS 
Zoom   Digital via camera  
Standard optic   90° - rigid Endoscope with approx. 300x magnification